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Community Involvement

Every time an older person stops driving, a business runs the risk of losing a customer. The Ride & Shop™ program brings paying customers right to the door, then helps them with their packages as they leave.

ride and shop local business discount ridesRide & Shop™
ITN riders can receive discounted rides at these businesses.

ITN riders to get discounted rides to these medical offices.
healthy miles offers discounted rides to participating health care providers

Interested in getting your company or organization involved

It is simple for a business to join the Ride & Shop™ program, and ITN takes care of all the administrative cost and paperwork.

Contact us and get involved

Other ways to get involved

If you're unable to join the Ride & Shop™ program there are other ways to get involved donating small gifts for volunteers, office supplies, gift certificates for car washes.

Contact us for more ideas and information

Holden Potter Founders Circle:

All of those who have made Memorial gifts or who join by March 31, 2012 will be listed as members of this circle. The complete list will be posted after March 31.

Find out more about the Holden Potter Founders Circle here...